Health & Wellness Coaching

What Is Wellness Coaching?

 Health and wellness coaching focuses on not only activity and nutrition, but on the destructive thinking that prevents you from being successful. At times, everyone stands in their own way. However, some people do this more than others. If you are not able to reach your health and fitness goals, this might be you. While I will provide exercise and nutritional strategies as part of the coaching process, I focus heavily on communication where I try to help you bring to light issues you face. To be clear, this is not for mental health conditions or similar problems, but rather for focusing on issues in thinking that get in the way of health and fitness, such as poor motivation, anxiety about exercise and nutrition, fear of the process, and a lack of knowledge about what to do. I'll help you discover why you get in your own way, if others are playing a role in this, and help you develop a strategy for moving beyond your roadblocks and moving down the path to success.   The  Wellness Coaching Program consists of an initial 60-90 minute session to discuss your strengths, challenges and personal goals and the strategies needed to achieve those goals.

11 follow-up sessions lasting 30 to 45 minutes each. 

The Wellness Coaching Program is 12 weeks. 


What You Get:

• Initial consultation and assessment

• Weekly health and wellness counseling    calls or one on one sessions (face to face    or Video Chat)

• Personalized wellness, exercise and    nutrition plan

• Unlimited message/email communication

• A plan to continue the process on your    own


The Do's & Don't of Wellness


Improve your health 

Reverse illness & disease

Lose weight

Eat better

Lower stress

Make better general choices that fit your lifestyle.

New Clients Only

4 One on One In Person Sessions

4 45 minute In person sessions  $145.00

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4 Phone/Video Chat Sessions

4 60 minute Phone/Video Chat sessions.  $99.00

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